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The GDI's I've dated were always supportive of my involvement with Delta Phi Epsilon and greek life in general.

I guess the disadvantage to dating someone not in the Greek system is if they have a negative view of greeks and refuse to change their mind even after dating you.

I've dated a greek man before and I know that he understood why I won't just blow off a sorority meeting and how it's not just a 'college thing' because he has the same commitments.

For those of you that have dated greek men, do you find them to be any different than men who are non-greek?

Is it different to date a greek man if you are greek yourself versus being a non greek dating a greek man? I am just asking because generally I have found greek men to be very immature..then there have been those that do a 360 on you after becoming greek and discovering that there are fraternity groupies out there..are a completely different person after they cross! My replies will all be related to my experiences in dating two Greeks. I truly believe that dating a Greek man is no different than dating a non Greek.

He was trippin over the committe meetings and chapter meetings that I had to go to.

Either he didn't understand or he was flat out jealous (he wanted to be greek but didn't have the grades).

It might be easier for people who are both greek but to me when u are ME PHI ME like I am and involved with someone who is greek, Is Very Hard. Personally, I don't find greek men any different from non-greek men.

I can say that I feel that it is a little bit easier to date a greek men as far as his understanding my commitment to my sorority goes.

Carla From my experience, (duh, who else's experience would I be talking about) yes, it is different being greek and dating a man/woman who is greek as opposed to being a non-greek dating a greek.

There are a lot of responsibilities that come with being greek that a non-greek may not understand or even like.

As for the groupies, it's up to the member to keep them in check.

If you know you have a boyfriend or girlfriend (yes, sororities have groupies too) it's your responsibility to control yourself around them and make them aware the you're in a relationship and you're not going to have any foolishness.

I guess it's one of those things were you have to weigh the pros and cons of the situation... Siobhan I am non-greek, but my last boyfriend was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and to be honest I couldn't handle it. I *had* to keep in mind that *HE WAS A NUPE BEFORE ME AND HE WILL BE A NUPE AFTER ME* so, I tried to chill. To this day I am not sure if I made the wrong or right choice.


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