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"That year off I just had to f--king change and stop being a jerk."He continued, "It's probably too soon for me to say this, but maybe in 10 years I'll be able to say that the ''14 sabbatical' was one of the best things that happened in my life."After playing his final game in on August 12, 2016, Rodriguez has taken a new turn in his career as a baseball analyst and sports broadcaster.

In fact, he signed on to contribute to Most notably in Hollywood, however, he's been spending a lot of time building his relationship with J.

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"My best two years happened at 19 and as a broken-down 40-year-old.

I hadn't played in basically two years, two hip surgeries, two knee surgeries, scandal.

Meanwhile, their work on the tennis court has other applications, including working with patients with balance problems “to observe and quantify their movement,” says James.

“Can we help people by observing what they’re doing?

The 42-year-old former baseball star has made significant progress in redeeming himself ever since his 2014 doping scandal, becoming an asset for sports media and even sparking a much-followed relationship with Jennifer Lopez. "When people can see that you're genuine, that's when they pay attention.

You have to own your s--t."As you likely recall, Rodriguez faced the longest suspension in baseball history in 2014 after he was found to be using performance-enhancing drugs.

Whatever will the New York media have to ask Odell Beckham when (if? That’s a full offseason for just about anyone else, but the Beckham gossip continued Thursday with news from the New York Daily News that Beckham was hanging out in L. this week so he could spend time with new girlfriend, Australian musician Iggy Azalea.

Already this week Beckham skipped voluntary OTAs, signed the most lucrative shoe deal ever for an NFL player and his workouts with Johnny Manziel became a big deal.

Beckham was reportedly going to be at Thursday’s OTA session, but NFL Network’s Kimberly Jones reported Beckham was not present at the beginning of practice." data-reactid="17"Already this week Beckham skipped voluntary OTAs, signed the most lucrative shoe deal ever for an NFL player and his workouts with Johnny Manziel became a big deal.


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