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However, as the Tatars themselves believe, the husband's word is, of course, law (although any law can stand to be corrected!) Tatar women are devoted Muslims, and fully embrace their customs and traditions.

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Every Tatar woman radiates a spirituality from within, an intellectual finesse, a sincere generosity and operates on a higher spiritual level. Since they are born in typical muslim families, no wonder that from childhood, the Tatar woman is taught to view marriage as a fortress in whose stable walls she can gently attend to her husband and her children.

As the saying goes, A woman without a husband is like a horse without a bridle.

The precise mission of a woman is to bring virtue to the world and to be an example to others.

The Lord fitted their heart with such a deep and boundless love towards children, their neighbours, and this wonderful world.

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As a result, those from Turkey would understand the Tatar language as would those from Pakistan for example.

Every Tatar woman is a fantastic housewife, is highly domesticated and lovingly takes care of the family and guests.

However, there are no signs of yashmaks and paranzhi in the wardrobes of modern Tatars like there were in the wardrobes of their ancestors.

A good deal of the Tatar population now wears what is referred to as European-style attire.

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