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All were heavily influenced by English law, which restricted the franchise to men with property assets of a specified value and prevented Catholic persons from voting.

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While a theoretical enfranchisement occurred under this imposition (i.e., bands elected leadership that dealt with the federal government), it was not well received and often boycotted.

Many communities did, and still do, have two chiefs: the elected chief (who is officially recognized by government) and a traditional chief.

(A status Indian is an individual registered under the was used both for those who gave up their status by choice and for the much larger number of Indigenous men and women who lost status automatically for one of several reasons by which the government attempted to eradicate status entirely.

This included the loss of status upon completion of university and upon the marriage of a woman to a non-status man.

The courts have given generous interpretation to the right to vote under challenge in the Ontario Court of Appeal, which ruled against the challenge.

Elections Canada applied the Ontario ruling at the federal level, as is the agency’s practice. Its ultimate resolution will rest in large measure on how the courts choose to weigh competing arguments about the right to vote and place of residency.

From the time that Asian peoples first began arriving in the 19th century and through much of the first half of the 20th century, most Canadians of Asian heritage were denied the right to vote in federal and provincial elections.

Federally, the said that if a province discriminated against a group by reason of race, that group would also be excluded from the federal franchise, meaning that British Columbia residents of Chinese, Japanese and South Asian background lost their right to vote in national elections.

For most of the pre-Confederation period, most colonies required property ownership to qualify to vote, although the amount of property required varied over time and across the different colonies.

In Nova Scotia, there were no property qualifications between 18.

A National Register of Electors was established in 1997 to prepare voters' lists.


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