Dating essex boys

Nicholls, knowing the power and influence they would hold if the job was successful and fearing for his life, informs Steele of the shipment and Steele duly puts into motion a plan to kill Rolfe, Tucker and Tate.One night, Tate, Tucker, Rolfe and Walsh drive to a farm track in Rettendon.The now wealthy gang approach veteran criminal Billy Carmichael and, despite Tucker arguing with Carmichael, they secure a share of a lucrative shipment of guns and drugs going into Rettendon.

On Saturday 18th February a total of 87 runners from 14 clubs across England and Wales took part in the National Cross Country Championship hosted by Essex Boys and Girls Clubs at Stubber’s Adventure Centre in Upminster, Essex.

The fim is narrated by former Essex Boy firm member Bernard O’Mahoney.

The rise of these footsoldiers hasn’t been stemmed quite yet.

While his previous attempts at playing a bad guy in Golden Eye and Patriot Games were somewhat lacklustre, Sean Bean finally spits some serious venom in this otherwise below-average British gangster thriller that takes as its starting point a true event -- the police discovery of a Range Rover in an Essex wood containing three dead bodies.

As he approaches it, two masked gunmen approach the dealers' Range Rover and shoot dead Rolfe, Tucker and Tate.

The next morning, the bodies are found and Stone acknowledges that it was the result he wanted.

Steele and Whomes (who are the two gunmen) return to Steele's home with Nicholls, who drove the shooters to the location.

Steele is suspicious of Nicholls and persuades him to come in, only for Nicholls to call the police and report the crimes.

After a brief chase, Steele corners Nicholls and as he is about to kill him, the police arrive to apprehend him.

Nicholls ends the film, saying that after the events of the film "[he] just vanished".

He could have saved everyone time by instructing us to go home and watch Good Fellas instead, as the "young man goes to work for criminals, gets sucked in, has to deal with the group's resident psycho, tries to get out before it's too late" plot unfolds.

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