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The number of cases of HIV/AIDS in women has also been growing over the past few years.The increase in cases has been especially steep among women of color age 50 and older.

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Your doctor may be able to direct you to groups that can help.

Sometimes, older people who don’t have the virus become a caregiver for a child or grandchild with HIV/AIDS.

Vaginal dryness and thinning often occur as women age.

When that happens, sexual activity can lead to small cuts and tears that raise the risk for HIV/AIDS. But if you become infected, there are drugs that help keep the HIV virus in check and slow the spread of HIV in the body.

The number of HIV/AIDS cases is rising in people of color across the country.

More than half of all people with HIV/AIDS are African American or Hispanic.

You can be tested at a doctor’s office, hospital, community health center, or other health clinic. AIDS services organizations also may provide testing. In most states the tests are private, and you can choose to take the test without giving your name.

Many providers or groups that offer HIV testing also provide counseling. People usually get HIV from unprotected sex with someone who has HIV/AIDS, through contact with HIV-infected blood, or by sharing needles with an infected person.

The number of HIV/AIDS cases among older people is growing every year because: As HIV/AIDS symptoms become worse, people may need help getting around and caring for themselves.

This can be a special problem for older people who do not have a strong network of friends or family who can help.

Older adults might be coping with other diseases common to aging that can mask the signs of HIV/AIDS.


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