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But it ended violently one night in 1958, when Turner's 14-year-old daughter grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed and killed Stompanato in defense of her mother.While the media went wild, a coroner ruled the death a "justifiable homicide."Nicholson's romantic history is stuff of legend, but his relationship with "Twin Peaks" star Lara Flynn Boyle became a tabloid sensation.Despite the 16-year age difference, they were together for eight years before separating in 2011.

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It ended while they were hiking in Scotland, after Love heard a "huge screaming noise" in the distance—fans of Oasis, who were playing Loch Lomond.

As Love tells it, "The biggest Loch festival in British history happened to be playing that day and we were fighting, and I thought, 'You know what, fuck it'—and I went to see Oasis."The generation gap was unexpectedly bridged in 1966, when the 51-year-old Rat Pack swinger married the waif-like 21-year-old star of TV's "Peyton Place." (Sinatra's ex Ava Gardner had this reaction: "I always knew Frank would end up in bed with a boy.") The honeymoon didn't last, and in 1968 Sinatra's lawyer served Farrow with divorce papers on the set of "Rosemary's Baby." Yet the two remained friends until Sinatra's death in 1998.

Lisa-Marie called that "absolute BS" and said she loved "being next to [Michael] and taking care of him." Less than two years later, she filed for divorce.

The sultry Southern belle was surprisingly innocent when she tied the knot with Rooney—a short, goofy-looking box-office sensation—in 1942. "I married him because he wanted to get in my britches," Gardner recalled.

America's sweetheart took a walk on the wild side when she married the motorcycle customizer with the famous outlaw name.

They met in 2005 while Bullock was visiting the set of James' TV show "Monster Garage" with her godson.Agassi was in his early 20s and Streisand nearly 50 when they dated back in 1992. very evolved; more than his linear years," she gushed.Referring to the 28-year difference between them, the tennis star said, the "public outcry only adds spice to our connection." Alas, that connection didn't last and Agassi went on to marry Brooke Shields, who's a mere five years older than he is.VH1 says the series will be edited "according to network standards." PHOTOS: Naked Ambition: From Adam Levine to Miley Cyrus, Hollywood's Most Daring Magazine Nudity "At first, this seems like a show that’s all about a noisy, provocative hook -- and we embrace that,” said Susan Levison, executive vp original programming and production at VH1.“But when you go deeper, it’s really about something that we can all relate to -- the search for true love.A yet-to-be-named host will oversee the series, which will be filmed in a remote exotic locale.


  1. If you are looking for something more serious, rest assured that you’re not the only one – a 2015 report of same-sex relationships in America by the Williams Institute found that as many as 45% of all same-sex couples were now married.

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