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When things had calmed down, she invited us for supper. I need to get back and help the girls with Bob and Patty.” I really wanted to stay since they were having all the freshly-picked corn on the cob they could eat.

She’d done it after each of her thirteen grandchildren came into the world.

She was getting used to helping Uncle Connie and Aunt Dee because they had more kids than anyone in the family.

I had no idea how much work they were or that a mother was worn out after her baby was born. She wasn’t at all up to par, and she slept most of the time.

Her husband, Uncle Connie, really needed help with their other kids.

I think washing all those stinky kids and clothes had made her lose her appetite.

Grandmother Peal later told us that her evening meditations that night took longer than usual.

Once he found his legs on firm ground again, he shook his icky coat at high speed, projecting disgusting stuff everywhere.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and yelled, “Oh, my gosh!

By that time, she was a nervous wreck even though she tried to hide it.

I could tell she was near the end of her rope because she sighed a lot and said “good grief” more than usual.

While we were there, Aunt Edith called Grandmother to find out how she was doing on the farm. This is no picnic.” That was a sure sign that help was needed. Grandmother yelled for us to stay put as she rushed into the yard.


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