Dating in tijuana

It is Baja California's first LEED-certified, 'green' building, and also contains the high-end restaurant Mision 19, run by Tijuana's acclaimed chef Javier Plascencia.

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Jorge Gracia, one of the city's most exciting architects, designed Casa GS for his brother on a plot of undeveloped land with sweeping views.

Board-formed concrete contrasts with the rusted steel siding of the building Casa GS is a typical Gracia building in that it deliberately ignores the aesthetic of its surroundings; ‘I don’t care about what happened before,’ says the architect.

Aside from some impressive Spanish Revival architecture dating from Tijuana's heyday as a gambling capital in the 1930s, much of the city seems unplanned and carelessly constructed.

Many residential neighbourhoods grew from temporary migrant settlements, especially after the devastating Mexico City earthquake of 1985.

Tijuana, the Mexican border town south of San Diego, has had, until recently, a reputation as a lawless enclave of vice and drugs, a destination for debauched American tourists and the turf of violent cartels.

Despite dwindling tourist numbers and high crime rates - which spiked in the late 2000s - the city's creative class has been keeping busy, and its rising stars in architecture and cuisine are now earning international attention.

New talents included the emerging LA-based sound artist Tyler Adams and the Tijuanan street artist PANCA.

All showed new work, some of which, like Pablo Rasgado's installation 'Anulación', was specially commissioned.

She writes: “In August, more than 46,000 matches were made between users on opposite sides of the border, nearly half from California.

The app is connecting those who almost certainly would never have met organically, young people with a literal barrier—in some places three fences thick—keeping them apart.

Across town from Casa GS, Rasgado had sealed the windows and doors in a derelict pharmacy to transform the building into a giant, site-specific sculpture.

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