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I was already interested in dating a Jamaican guy, as I really admired their traditions.” What attracts Western women to Jamaican men?

Usually these Jamaican men have: - Family values - Strong spirituality and self-development traits - Popularity and authority - Trustworthiness and comfort-giving skills - Good bodies.

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Some 44 per cent of women in the poll believe Jamaican men are either worse lovers or the same as men of other nationalities.

Pamela, a Jamaican woman who has had a Jamaican lover and one from another country, said both men performed at a similar level.

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Much has been said about the prowess of Jamaican men, but a recent survey found that women are not convinced they are special in bed.

A recent Gleaner-commissioned Bill Johnson poll found that men are the ones who seem most convinced they are 'bedroom bullies'.

You will hear them say things like, ‘mi beat it up’ or ‘mi mash har up,” Weeks said.

Sandra, a Jamaican living in the Cayman Islands, said her experiences with Jamaican men in bed are at best forgettable. We explore different positions, tactics and movements.

It was this sudden commotion that caught my attention and made me wander over in that direction.


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