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As part of this development phase, the Executive Board will be asked to agree to make up to £1.75M contribution, with up to £8.25M from other national and local partners." The report also says, in respect of the Cambridgeshire Rail Study: "It is proposed that we commission a joint study with Df T, the Combined Authority, and the County Council, aimed at identifying and considering any fully committed rail projects/programmes and the most up to date growth and demand figures to establish a baseline.The study will then assess the aspirational train services required to accommodate the forecast and latent rail based demand up to 2043 and any wider stakeholder proposals.They have not yet submitted a Planning Application (Urban and Civic submitted their Outline Application to South Cambridgeshire District Council earlier this year)" announces Waterbeach Parsih Council.

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Mandarins are plotting the break-up of the biggest and most troubled rail franchise as they attempt to overhaul the network mid a backdrop of strikes and threatened renationalsation" says John Collingridge in today's Sunday Times.

"Officials in the Department for Transport last month told rail industry insiders they wanted to break up the vast Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) franchise, which includes the strike-torn Southern Rail line between London and Brighton. The GTR franchise, which expires in 2021, is an amalgamation of the Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern routes.

Pancras to destination such as Brighton, Gatwick, Luton and Bedford, and will not be used on the Great Northern fast King's Lynn-Cambridge-King's Cross services].

GTR also says: "Foxton, Meldreth and Shepreth: Northbound platforms are being lengthened for eight-carriage trains and the stations will get eight-carriage new Thameslink trains, unlike the mostly 4-carriage trains they receive today." [Network Rail's King's Lynn-Cambridge 8-car project envisages the existing class 387 units running as 8-car trains to/from King's Lynn. Sunday 5 November 2017 - "Whitehall to overhaul rail network to bring strike-hit Southern into line.

Wednesday 8 November 2017 - East Cambridgeshire District Council has today published its Proposed Submission Local Plan, which includes housing expansion at Ely and Littleport, places where there are Fen Line stations. Relevant diagrams include those for Ely, Littleport, and Queen Adelaide [the latter is where Ely North Junction is located].

ECDC is consulting on the proposals and the consultation runs until Tuesday 19 December 2017.

The cost is to be split 50% Df T with the remaining 50% being split equally amongst the other three partners, i.e. Therefore, the Executive Board will be asked to support the allocation of £50,000 as its contribution to the study." [Just as we are calling for all Fen Line trains to stop at Cambridge North, we also support a new Addenbrooke's/Biomedical Campus station at Cambridge South - we want Fen Line trains to 'stop where the jobs are'.

All six Fen Line stations currently see commuting traffic to Cambridge and to London.

Several men showed off their flexibility, including one performing the splits on the bonnet of a car You're meant to drink it!

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