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“There’s definitely people who associate themselves as very Christian or very Jewish and want to meet people of the same faith.

But what I’ve seen more so is that even when people are raised with religion, they’re more inclined to be open.” And as more millennials eschew traditional dating websites for hot-or-not apps like Tinder and Happn, it’s clear the digital dating landscape has changed.

However, there is another dimension in this specific case.

The Kerala High Court surprisingly observed that 24-year-old medical student Akhila, who adopted the name Hadiya after conversion, needed her parents' involvement in order to make such an important decision.

“Muslim marriage websites have been around for a while, but they’re a tired format and people find it impractical nowadays to trawl through profiles and email messages to and fro,” Younas said.

Like Tinder and JSwipe, users peruse Muzmatch by scrolling through faces — swiping right if they like what they see, and left if they don’t.

“Denomination is not necessarily the most important thing — it’s more about that core belief,” he said.

“If they think, ‘Hey, I’m looking for somebody for the rest of my life,’ they want someone with the same set of values and morals and principals.” That was at least true for Lisa Shafrin of Los Angeles, California, who met her now-husband on JDate in 2005.

(Yes, that’s a thing.) “There are 1,500 dating websites out there,” relationship expert and dating coach Rachel De Alto told “There is something for everybody.” Mormons can connect on Single, or, while Muslims might find each other on and Hindus can meet on Hindu or Single

There are even dating sites for atheists, like Free Thinker and Atheist

“We want Jews to marry Jews, and this was working,” Rabbi David Seth Kirshner said.

“So many people were coming in and saying, ‘Life is so busy, I don’t know where to meet people.

But despite all that, some experts say religion is becoming less important to today’s young singles looking for a partner.


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