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Tightening his money belt might be an issue for him.He’s an emotional man, and that means he will be impulsive with his spending. The Pisces man will mostly be trust worthy, but don’t forget that he’s a mix of ALL the signs.He seeks a beloved who values these traits of empathy and compassion, and his own very creative ways.

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The one-off diner is better than a chain, a quiet cafe is preferred over a raucous "popular" establishment.

Come up with enchanting day trips or activities, and be sure to bring a camera.

The best and easiest way to get a Pisces Man to like you is to just be yourself: a little flirty and mysterious, but nothing in excess.

Be principled, know what you want, but continue to indulge his fantasies.

That also means that his mood can change from one day to the next, so be prepared to ride the wave the Pisces man is bound to take you on.1. When it’s time to get him a gift, a more personal, creative present will go a long way as opposed to a gift card to . This is a man who likes to escape reality every now and then, and that doesn’t stop under the sheets.

That doesn’t mean it’s all about sex, he still wants passion and meaning behind the encounter.3. Or maybe you’re the one he’s thinking of tying up later (if that’s your kind of thing)? The Pisces man is one of the signs that embodies all the traits of the other signs, so welcome to the wonderful world of, “What the actual EFF is going on? Just imagine yourself dating a superhero; someone who will have a lot on his mind, and may be in another world when you’re talking to him because he’s thinking of all the miscreants he’s due to tie up later in the night.In love, he gravitates to the otherworldly -- he wants a love to save him from the crass, materialistic world "out there." Love is a cloister to hide in, and a vibe to find faith in. He's looking for a friend who will respect his ever-changing rhythms, and need for solitude.If there is a psychic space cushion between you -- a sense of guarding over the other's private inner world -- this is a good foundation to build upon. If there's an attraction, so often we merge and mind meld, and then see what happens.It's tough, first of all, being so sensitive, and male.


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