Dating pressure treated lumber

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How are children exposed to arsenic from pressure treated wood?

When was pressure treated wood found to present health risks?

Arsenic that leached from the play sets to the soils underneath was included in the assessment of exposure.

EPA's draft preliminary childhood risk assessment takes into consideration variations in exposure due, for example, to climate, weathering of the wood play structures, whether the child also spends time on a pressure treated wood deck, and months of the year that outdoor play occurs.Will raised garden beds made from pressure treated wood contaminate my garden?Should I take any other precautions when I work with pressure treated wood?Wood treated with these pesticides is sometimes referred to as CCA treated wood, and is commonly used for decks, walkways, fences, gazebos, boat docks and playground equipment. Wood treated with these preservatives is now available in the marketplace.Parents should be aware that children are exposed to arsenic through their skin contact with the wood and also from hand-to-mouth activity while playing on and after playing on pressure treated wood play sets.In February 2003, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released the results of its studies examining decks and play sets made from pressure treated wood.


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