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As he points out, that's got to be a misprint, being the same figure as for the smaller PRII.Just in case anyone with back trouble thought this was a light-but-fully-featured 2-channel amp.. the schematic and the parts list show a 68K resistor at the input, but the wiring diagram and the interior photo show 39K!Big thanks to Jerome H in France for sending me a scan of the owner's manual!

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Dating rivera amplifiers

I haven't been inside mine to check (and I don't know what audible difference this might make, with these resistors being only a factor of two apart; so let's not worry about it in the meantime).

Please don't ask me for the Twin Reverb II wiring diagram / layout. (January 2016)this wasn't part of the Rivera-era range - it appeared in the previous catalogue - but it was designed by the same team, so here you are anyway.

He has worked out that if you go inside the amp and swop over the wires on the 'tip' connectors of the two footswitch jack sockets, then you can change channels with a footswitch, connected to the red jack only, grounding either the red ring terminal (clean channel) or the red tip terminal (lead channel).

Silvio writes "I just wanted to switch between the two channels, because I really like the lead channel cranked up, but didn't want to build the "magical switch" designed for these amps.

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If your amp is being dismantled, please look for a 4-digit code written or printed on the chassis metalwork - that's a code for the actual week the amp was built, and would really help me a lot.

I'm told by a tech in the US that it's missing from the authorised Fender tech's service folder, and Fender's Customer Service guys don't even have one. This amp doesn't use the same footswitch design as the other amps on this page.

January 2016 - schematic for the footswitch for this amp (different to the usual Rivera-era footswitch).

this wasn't part of the Rivera-era range - it appeared in the previous catalogue - but it was designed by the same team and it uses the Rivera-era footswitch design, so here you are anyway.

With shred pioneers such as Eddie Van Halen pushing amps to the brink in the late 70s, Paul Rivera began hot-rodding Marshall heads to squeeze ever more from them.

Some of these schematics are files and so require Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download from Adobe and other places.


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