Dating second date kiss

So essentially what you want to do is just kinda chat with her. You said “I’m trying here”, so I assume you’re kind of, you know going for Pokestops, you might be kind of a quirky dude. I’m setting you up for the first kiss here, kinda just, when the conversation lulls a little bit dude and you guys are making the eye contact and the tension is kinda building, you’re not really saying much and she’s talking and things kind of start to slow down. Just because she’s going out on a second date with you, and going out on a walk for Pokestops and stuff like that means that she’s into you dude. All you really gotta do is, like these guys say, wait for the right moment.

And you probably wanna be somewhere where you guys can kinda sit, like a park bench would be ideal, it’d be great. So at this time when she’s doing a lot of talking and you guys are chillin, you kinda like, be cool at this moment. You have to create that moment.’You create that moment by shutting the hell up, okay? Don’t talk too much, just kinda joke with her and be cool and be chill. When the conversation lulls dude, you are clear man, you are good to go. And it will never feel 100% right and you’ll never be 100% certain.

If you want to kiss her, move a little closer to her. Just like with anything else in a relationship between a man and a woman, the woman needs to feel safe, respected, and listened to before she can relax and open up with you, emotionally, or physically. When you’re worried about your own performance, or whether you will get rejected, all your attention is on yourself.

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It’s weird how this works but the fact that you hung out at the party is one interaction, just think of it like that.

Then you went out for drinks, that’s two interactions. Now you’re gonna go out and visit Pokestops in the park.

The thing is you’ll never be 100% sure, but just her presence should be enough to assume the attraction, and you kinda gotta take it from there and sort of “take a leap of faith.” Women love confidence above all else.

So go ahead and assume the attraction and make your move!

A guy is supposed to be smooth and confident and into the woman, but he’s also supposed to be respectful enough not to seem like a pushy creep. So, cut yourself some slack about not being perfect, or knowing exactly what to do or when to do it.

What are some things that will help you know when and how to approach the first kiss? Sometimes, if a woman really seems to like you, and you like her, it’s nice to give her a little kiss on the lips at the end of the first date, without putting big “moves” on her.

At the end of the day, a woman will forgive you for being bold or dumb, but she will never forgive you for being a coward.

Reddit Thread: https:// The question is, “Is the second date okay to go for the first kiss? Went for drinks on the first date, went pretty well. Now I’m basically meeting her for drinks and we’ll go for a walk in the park to go visit Pokestops. Now, I kinda messed up my last and first relationship by being too slow. ”It looks like you’re off to a really solid start so far there, Dennis the Dutchie.

I’m gonna side with “Don’t Hate The Player” here on that one. You act when there’s the moment you know, and if this is, you say your second relationship.


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