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You need to do your research—on him, his last relationship, and your compatibility—to be sure he’s a fit.

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So I’m going to share what I’ve learned about post-divorce dating, to help solidify (for me) and simplify (for you) the issues I’ve been working through as I recalibrate my dating style.

Here are my five secrets to awesome post-divorce dating.♦◊♦1.

But doing that is harder than it sounds—much harder—because … But the root of my impatience, which I’m just now understanding, is my need to preemptively project a potential relationship with my date, to focus on an imaginary future of couplehood.

I suppose I could date for casual sex now, but those kinds of hookups are not what I want.

Before We Ever Meet The process of meeting potential dates these days is “easier” but also more distracting. Of course they are, because outward appearance has little to do with inner reality.

We’ve gotten online dating down to a “hot or not” process. And more women who were attractive but had nothing in common with me. ” was a constant refrain in my early dating experiences, as I jumped at the opportunity to meet anyone who interesting. And with most of these “pretty dates,” I never even started my relationship projections, because I lost interest in the first five minutes.In the first minute, two people size each other up in their animal brains, and you either get a tail wag … It’s a lot less about what type of person we think we’re attracted to and a lot more about these dog-like reactions.If you both start out with a tail wag, you’ve got the potential to be partners.It’s sad when all someone can talk about is work, working out, and television. Upon returning home I’d go into forensic mode and scour the profile to see what I’d missed.What I’ve decided about online dating recently is that it’s a distraction. I have trouble sitting back and letting things flow. Like many of us who married on the young side, I’m new at dating, or at least at dating for a relationship.

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