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Using substances to improve our abilities, help us feel better, or decrease and numb our feelings is called self-medicating.

The problem is that self-medicating works at first.

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Many well meaning parents, therapists and medical doctors are fearful that treating ADHD with medication will lead to addiction. For those who do, however, prescribed medication that is closely monitored can actually prevent and minimize the need to self-medicate.

When medication helps people to concentrate, control their impulses, and regulate their energy level, they are less likely to self-medicate.

You have pain and problems that are burning out of control, and what you use to put out the fires is gasoline.

Your life may explode as you attempt to douse the flames of ADD.

Too many people with untreated ADHD, learning, and perceptual disabilities are incarcerated, or dying from co-occurring addiction.

Self-medicating ADD with alcohol and other drugs is like putting out fires with gasoline.Addiction Recovery provides an extensive directory of hospitals and healthcare facilities that offering rehabilitation services, eliminating the anxiety of choosing by making comparison easy!Understand the different levels of care you can expect from each facility.This also applies to the person with ADHD who is physically and emotionally suffering from untreated ADHD restlessness, impulsiveness, low energy, shame, attention and organization problems, and a wide range of social pain.The sooner we treat children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD the more likely we are to help them to minimize or eliminate self-medicating.And when we see substance abuse and addictions, it is equally important to look for ADHD."Just Say No!


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