Dating topic past and now

He speaks and writes about family, faith, media and business.

You’ll be able to update that in an upcoming release so it doesn’t have to be exact.

If you'd like to change it before we introduce that feature, please send us a message through the app or email [email protected] we'll be happy to change it for you.

The option to change conditional formatting however vanishes I hope someone can help me with this.

You can try out the new Firecracker MD and Firecracker DO products and still switch back to Legacy if you’d like.

If you want continued access to legacy versions of those, you can always log directly into to

We plan to release new features and content every week and we’ll let you know as we make our new products even better.

Marking topics ensures Firecracker will recommend questions from the related concepts, and assigning their importance as Urgent, Current or Past will determine their relative priority.

Firecracker's data scientist, Elliott Bartsch, describes our updated algorithm in great detail in this Adaptive Recommendation Algorithm blog post.

The first step in the transition will be creating a study plan based on your upcoming board exam.


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