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Is there any specific reason why there are so many single females in those professions? nurses tend to have caregiving personalities (my mother was a nurse for about 40 years).

you find the same characteristic in teachers (i taught for years).

I hear this myth frequently that teachers are done when school lets out at 3 PM and of course they have nothing to do over the summer.

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Plus I am use to puttin my 2 cents in and not gettin acknowledged so when I was questioned about it, it threw me off Anyway yea lots of nurses lots of teachers, get yourself one of each and you gotz your self a life long learnin partner and a chic who can fix ya up on the side Jk jk.... As for why teachers are on here, yes my occupation takes a lot of my free time and I am adicted to the forums.

It is great to go here for advice as well as to hopefully help others.i think it's not necessarily an indication of how many single teachers/nurses there are..rather that they have profiles on the internet.meaning that nurses & teachers have very busy schedules (the teachers at my kids' school don't go home before 5 & then they also take work home with them) & probably are here for the same reason the single parents are here..enough time to socialize in 3D.

Tina Um it does in my head but it is kinda hard to explain if that makes sense.

Like I know when it comes to the net that such proffesions as teachers and nurses, you have to maintain such a level of professionalism that for RNs and actual teachers, to put up a profile and "network" yourself on the net, it is really risky.

Posted By: missyelliot83 on 8/24/2006 1101 AM Subject: Why are there so many single female nurses and teachers?

Message: I am thinkin that they are really not nurses or teachers...... Not sure if you realize but teachers and nurses are human.

The only time teachers interact as peers is during lunch break, planning period (if they have one) and perhaps a few minutes before or after school.

People tend to think that teachers are extraverted, but I recalling hearing that college professors as a whole are introverted.

Whatever their technical job title they are still in the same field.

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