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In my class, there were people from Latvia, Brazil, America, England, Mexico, Dominica, and Kenya – that was in a class of 15 - all to be with German partners.We realized that there must be other couples like us internationally and Jens and I decided to start a Facebook page aptly entitled “Love Crosses Borders”.

I find that people immediately attempt to switch to English when they hear my English sounding accent.

Though, I know that it is their way of being polite or their way of practicing their English skills, it does make it hard for me to get comfortable speaking the language to strangers.

The mission of LCB was originally just to highlight the already existing friendships, marriages, relationships and families, but also to give others a chance to enjoy these beautiful and unique relationships, discourage racism and share fun pictures.

The page, however, grew at speed and currently has over 32,000 members in our worldwide community in less than nine months.

It's not quite as feature-rich or specific as some of the others we've mentioned, but sometimes quantity is a quality all its own. Shopaman This site aims to turn the dating game around and give women all the power.

Only they can decide whether to start a conversation – hopefully filtering out barely-literate chancers from their inbox.It didn't seem logical enough, but after the first month of meeting new classmates at the Volkshochschule [adult evening classes] I realized I was not in the minority but the majority.Every year thousands and thousands of people make a leap of faith to forgo everything that is normal to them for love.I suppose it is good for family life, that and the vacation days per year, so I can’t really complain. The thing is, I like Germany a lot, but I am in love with cities like Brussels and Amsterdam, due to how international they are.It’s just that in comparison to other European cities that I frequent, the German cities pale slightly in comparison. I live just outside of Düsseldorf; well that is usually what I tell non-Germans.


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