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If your Swiss lover has just called you a beetle or a mouse don’t panic.

The study of terrorism as a method of achieving strategic objectives has seen a generous number of disputes over the years from different scholars, mostly on the issue of defining …

by Theocharis Livanos on The current attacks, have, subsequently, placed each and every citizen questioning whether there is a fine line between interesting times, and destructive times, questioning our own values, ideas, and raison d’etre, for if we fail to ensure the security of European citizens, then post 1945, have we actually succeeded, or just prolonged the curse of war on this continent?

I have however been facing unusual misunderstandings and disappointments when flirting with German men, likely due to cultural differences.

In terms of seduction, the rules are totally different here: the women flirt and men simper.

My method of seduction is always to show interest by joking and playing ambiguously.

In Germany, subtily showing your interest leads straight into the Berlin wall and showing your excitement is likely to make him disappear from the radar screens.

The communist system established the absolute equality of the sexes and gave access to contraception and abortion to the women of GDR in East Germany.

It also introduced social welfare programs providing childcare, work cafeterias and family allowances.

In this spirit, only true feelings are respectable and respected whereas playing and simulating deserve condemnation.

Historically, feminist movements as well as the communist regime contributed to this tendency.

The matter is apparently so well known that the German pop group Wir Sind Heldenreleased a song about a French girl called Aurélie facing frustrations in Berlin.


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