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1 I consider this the greatest shame the MSM has in our country.

By refusing to publish items like this mayor's statement of gratitude, they deny thousands of families and loved ones of the fallen heros in Iraq, the satisfaction of knowing their soldier, sailor, airmen or marine's sacrifice is honored by the Iraqi people that they have fought for.

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And you can have your private thoughts about religion (for now).

But any public expression of religion, if it's related to Christianity, simply will not be tolerated.

California asked the EPA (there was the first mistake) for permission to make more restrictions on cars driving in the state. It also shows that the federal government, state governments, and industry all working together CAN crush freedom. Posted by: Ogre at PM | Comments (2) | Add Comment Post contains 379 words, total size 2 kb.

Apparently the EPA said "no." And for some reason, California said, "Gee, okay." Hey California, how about growing a pair? But seriously, if California decided they wanted to create their own emission standards, how in the world could the federal government stop them? I'd love to see each state make their own standards and have the federal government run around trying to stop them. I know, you people who favor the auto industry say that it would be impossible for auto makers to comply with 50 different sets of regulations. 1 yet mysteriously, CA determines itself as the final judgment when it comes to the right to bear arms... he always says that hes only 1 earthquake from living on beach front property in a free state I am SO sick of the whining.

Now I realize that there are a lot of people (especially in California) that simply do not believe in right and wrong.

There are a lot of people that believe there is no absolute truth. In fact, it was George Washington that said a nation cannot survive without morals and religious principles.Keep in mind, according to the US Constitution, once the supreme law of the land: In other words, according to that ancient document, the states can nearly ALWAYS tell the federal government to take a hike. Unless the law is supported by the Constitution directly, states are supposed to make up their own mind. But "Big Auto" could never have that -- it might cut into their profits.So then why can't California (and a few other states) make their own rules regarding auto emissions? It might make cars more expensive -- again, good for competition! Once again, this shows that freedom can work -- and should work.There's nothing wrong with reciting "In the eyes of a Christian citizen, represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies, in their eyes, God the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost." Did you get that?It doesn't say anything about the person being buried, JUST in the eyes of a Christian citizen.Posted by: Ogre at PM | No Comments | Add Comment Post contains 280 words, total size 2 kb.


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