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On this journey, we saw guys get slapped testing out new ideas with women in the name of science, we overcame our immense fear of talking to girls in places like Starbucks and in clubs.We tested ideas ourselves, we spent countless hours at bars and clubs, all while running what became the largest internet site about pickup, dating, and seduction on the planet.Consitency david, I'll work on it I'm gonna be fucking like crazy in the next few weeks.


It holds very specific time-sensitive information... Jay Valens and Ray Devans here, we are the former nerds responsible for bringing the world an Internet meeting place at Fast for the top minds in dating and pickup, as well as the groundbreaking “ The Art of the Pickup” video teaching series.

We're writing to you today because we recently had an idea that may totally change your life.

We didn't plan any of this at first, but almost by accident we formed a virtual lab for testing literally thousands of ideas, strategies, methods, tactics & techniques and found the ones that got women flocking to our formerly empty beds.

Along the way, we've also helped countless men do the same.

You see, almost ten long years ago, we were both starting on a journey that would take us through back alleys, into cafes, all over the Internet, across continents and major cities of the world, bringing us into contact with real, living, breathing modern day Casanovas and Don Juans.

A journey that eventually morphed us from hopeless nerds into pickup masters with literal harems of hot girls around the world.

So far I have learned a completely different way of looking at my life. He has an assignment that makes you think of yourself as good, decent, worthy. Once the fears were gone, I had the success I wanted.

I have rarely experienced ANYONE who demonstrates this kind of respect and kindness. After years working with psychologists and still being down on myself, David's simple approach wipes out any dumb hang-ups, quickly. David X helped me get in touch with my most natural, attractive self. Instead, he helped me get rid of my fears of approaching, getting to know, qualifying, and becoming intimate with a woman.

Dear Friends, Take your phone off the hook, turn off your cell phone, turn off the TV or radio, and get rid of all other distractions.

Find a quiet place to read this page where you won't be disturbed.

Finally, the exercises at the end of the book or so overly simplistic that they are for the most part a complete waste of time.


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