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En español | I had lunch recently with a friend whose husband, a teacher, retired five years ago."We made a big mistake with his company pension," she told me.Empathy is the emotion that can potentially save your marriage from the aftermath of an affair.

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Unfortunately, that's a common story — and not only for pension decisions.

Caring partners each want the other to be financially protected, if left alone.

If you want a different outcome — for example, to leave part or all of your 401(k) to children of a previous marriage — you can ask your spouse to waive his or her rights.

The waiver has to be in writing, notarized or witnessed by a plan representative, and filed with your plan.

This can't be done in advance of the wedding — only a spouse can waive these rights.

If you have a prenuptial agreement, it should include a promise to sign.First, if you're healthy, you'll probably live longer than you expect.By waiting to file for Social Security, you're storing up extra income for your retirement's later years.My lovely husband signed even before the music struck up.These annuities combine an investment with a guaranteed lifetime income.It will be a fat 76 percent higher if he waits until 70.

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