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The throngs of visitors who flock to the Downtown Art Walk (which now attracts upwards of 30,000 visitors during the 2nd Thursday of each month) and the resounding success of MOCA’s “Art in the Streets” exhibition—which broke MOCA’s attendance record thanks to the 201,352 visitors it welcomes through its doors from April 17th to August 8th last year—surely support this statement – as does the fact that Shepherd Fairey and Banksy are global sensations.Furthermore, DIY fairs like Affordable Art Fair LA and the Renegade Crafts Fair have taken LA by storm, signaling not only that art can transcend high-brow institutions, but also that collecting art is no longer a practice exclusive to an elite class.I pray, no one in their mind is reading all of this.

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The company’s industry-leading account management team also offer all of their 1,700 partners 1:1 support, sharing their expertise to help partners generate millions of pounds annually from online dating.

Steve Pammenter, Co-founder and COO of White Label Dating said of the initiative; “We know how important a consistent and reliable dating service is to our partners.

Thanks to an article in the New York Times pronouncing Los Angeles as “a new pin on the art map,” Tinseltown is finally reveling in the limelight of its long-overdue glory as a source and incubator of contemporary and cutting-edge art.

However, while aesthetic appreciation used to be limited to elite collectors, art schools, and a few clusters and collectives peppered around town, art has infiltrated LA’s mainstream and new grassroots art compounds keep popping up all around town, from Culver City to Chinatown and from North Hollywood to Echo Park.

At the end of the day, with all these rules floating around, at some point, it would behoove every woman (me included) to sit down (alone), analyze her dating life, see what has worked, see what can use a little improvement, and adjust accordingly.

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