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An adult gallery site was basically just a webpage with a directory of image sometimes categorized by the type of girl or the type of sex act being performed in the image.

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Fair skinned with long, lilac hair and an affinity for winged eyeliner and delicate jewelry, it's easy to see why Ashley (a pseudonym created when she first started undressing on the internet) is often labeled a "tasteful" porn star.

Her fledgling erotica studio and artist co-op, Four Chambers, which combines sex and cinema to make highly-stylized porn shorts on a crowdfunded donation basis, tackles sexuality with an eye for aesthetics not often found in mainstream porn.

One thing makes live cam sex truly different from any other type of internet porn or porn video. But you have the ability to chat and interact with the actresses or actors called "cam models" With the introduction of interactive porn the door has been opened for all types of people to try it even people that may not particularly like the normal online porn scene.

Because members can chat and interact with the cam models This type of online entertainment has almost crossed over from being porn that you watch while you have sex with yourself (masturbation) to live girls that you actually have sex with.

Which naturally as technology continues to evolve and bandwidth becomes ever more readily available to normal users.

It was only a matter of time before live adult webcams took their place at the top of the online entertainment industry.

Indeed, one of her recent short films, titled , highlights the intricacies and minutiae of sex (breath, sweat, touches).

A mirage of close-up shots means the video becomes more about atmosphere and experience, and less about clarity…or, simply, fucking.

"It means that people feel their sexuailty is not represented in porn, and, because these ideal consumers in the eyes of the porn producers have so much content to access, the filmmakers start to one-up each other…There's gotta be more dicks, more holes.

And as an outsider, someone who has never engaged with that, it can be quite overwhelming and can seem very othering." Rather than making traditional porn, Ashley decided to forgo turning a profit from Four Chambers (she makes enough from camming to cover her own living costs, she says) and instead relies on pre-order donations from supporters which allows her to make "weird stuff, experimental stuff, and to work with who I want.""I'd like to think there's more to experience in our videos than the sex," she says, noting that over half of her viewers identify as female.

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