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Most Marketplace plans must provide breastfeeding equipment and counseling for pregnant and nursing women.

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According to Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that’s been pushing for SB 203 as well as similar bills in nine other states, educators around the country have been asking for such guidelines and the legislation is an effort to provide concise, accurate tips for teachers. “Schools and districts are asking for up-to-date instructions on how to address these issues,” said Craig Cheslog, the organization’s vice president for California policy and advocacy.

“Technology is such a large part of our lives, and will only become more so.

At Berkeley High School, the staff of the student newspaper, the Jacket, said they’ve learned how to recognize fake news, dissect news stories and be skeptical readers of online information since middle school.

One social studies teacher, they said, starts every day showing students news clips on the same topic as covered by Fox News, Democracy Now and other diverse media outlets, and has the students discuss the differences.

We need to make sure kids have the tools to make good decisions and separate fact from fiction.” Ideally, students will pass along these lessons to their parents, who are perhaps less tech-savvy than their children, he said.

“The power and promise of technology is great,” he said.That’s why media literacy, especially for children, is so important. They’re part of being a well-rounded person.” Media literacy can be taught in any class, not just journalism or government, she said.We need to know how to use the Internet responsibly and safely.” Media literacy is a primary focus in Adriana Chavira’s journalism classes at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School in Los Angeles, a journalism-focused school named after the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and killed by Pakistani militants in 2002. “It’s on all of us, as educators, to include this in our classrooms, just like we include technology,” she said.The guidelines would be brief and could be taught at all grade levels, in any subject, although high-school government, history, English and journalism classes would be the most likely venues.As defined in the bill, media literacy “means the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, develop, produce, and interpret media and encompasses the foundational skills that lead to digital citizenship.” Digital citizenship “means a diverse set of skills related to current technology and social media, including the norms of appropriate, responsible, and healthy behavior.” The bill does not include special funding or mandates, and implementation would be optional.Your health insurance plan must cover the cost of a breast pump.

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