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Update ' Handle the data Private Sub btn Add_Click() Dim str Criteria As String Dim lng Cur Record As Long ' Trap the user's search entry. An important point about the Seek method is that it only works with "native JET databases" meaning Access and nothing else.

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i am trying to edit a record that i just saved into the databasebut the code I have been using has been giving me some errors " run time error '3251': current recordset does not support updating. You can overcome this by using an array to keep track of changes not yet posted to your local recordset and only do a requery when the array gets to a certain size. If you're really trying to help them, you have a responsibility to see that you're not giving them wrong information. I apologise for the "mistake" but object to the term "howlers".

The way to overcome this is to use SQL statements or stored procedures with ADO command objects to update your database, and simply run another query (close and reopen the recordset) whenever you want to update your local recordset with your changes. Move Last End Sub I don't mean to embarrass you, Andrew, but you should probably check your answers more carefully before you make them, in particular with ADO since this isn't the first howler you've made in your ADO answers. If you're really trying to help them, you have a responsibility to see that you're not giving them wrong information.

(Check the "Optimize" property.) To do so, you have to use a Client-side cursor, though, and they are not directly updatable. (Last one had to do with a less-than-complete understanding of how cursortype and cursorlocation interact, as I recall.) You have an impressive range of expertise and people listen to you.

A dynamic cursor is not only updatable, it updates itself with all the additions and changes of other users.

But there are a number of conditions to fulfil before this will work properly, so I suggest that you continue with Find for the moment. This is a so-called "firehose cursor" which supports only Move Next and Move First. It's used to iterate a recordset, for example to fill a listbox with values.

Text ' The email address the customer uses for instant messaging rs. Text ' Other details associated with the customers instant messaging rs. I shall just mention that if you are searching an Index (perhaps the primary key) then it is possible to use Seek, rather than Find, which would be much faster.

Find to find the reference you are looking for; Check whether Find was successful in locating the row; If it was successful, edit and Update the row; If it didn't find the row, then add a new row (if this is what you want to do).

All that said, I'm glad that you're here, and I think you're an asset to our forum.

I've looked at several of your posts in other forums, too, and I'm impressed with the breadth of your skills.

Net) and batch updating, which is the cheapest updatable recordset in terms of performance, but also the most complicated to work with in multiuser situations.


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