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Abi, american football, anger, beefy, Carl, female domination, female physiotherapists, female psychologists, footballers, humiliation, inspected, Jack, massage, muscled, observation, spontaneous erection, straight men, tied up Kevin is a masculine married man in his private life, and he’s always prided himself on being a tough macho man who can beat just about anybody with his mighty muscles.What a big change it is then for Kevin to be totally tied up here, helpless and with his bare ass fully exposed to his mean pervy captors!

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Abi’s tender, caring hands on his strong body and ripped muscles have caused his cock to grow so hard that it’s now throbbing and "jumping" from time to time.

Of course, Abi soon notices his fully erect dick and chastises him for not keeping his sexual fantasies under control!

Although they are highly sexually charged and extremely horny, these men are actually in an altered state of mind where their common sense and judgment are clouded and they can’t help but feel only hate for each other. Meanwhile, the women psychologists are completely unfazed by these men’s troubles and, while sitting on chairs in that room, they meticulously continue to make notes about their impressions regarding the men’s states of mind, their attitudes and verbal expressions of anger.

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Meanwhile, Carl’s football buddies are working out in the gym and enjoying their time in the hot tub when suddenly Abi barges into the room and starts putting forth demands that these sportsmen should be restrained.

Poor Jack has never been so humiliated in his entire life!

However, Carl can’t help but fantasize about her in various sexually charged situations – not to mention all the things that he would do with her if he had a chance to!

Such an attractive and hot woman can always make a man crazy with desire and it’s no wonder that his cock got totally hard within a few minutes!

He is manacled to the floor on his hands and knees and he’s completely helpless now.

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