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At Ogilvy Equestrian Inc., our designers have years of riding experience, and are constantly dialoguing with today's top riders to ensure that our equestrian products are the very best.

This is not your typical farm in the suburbs.”Kettle River Timberworks, a British Columbia design company, created the timber in the home, textured with a chainsaw and stained to provide a aged look.

The company is well known for the “established look,” traditional designs influenced by the old world charm of English country cottages. Seattle is just two-and-a-half hours away, while the U.

Ogilvy Equestrian products have been designed and produced to ensure maximum protection, comfort, and equilibrium for both the horse and rider which is why the Ogilvy product line has become essential for the discerning rider and competitor.

For many, riding horses is more than a hobby – it’s a passion.

Wages and salaries in this industry can vary widely, depending on your level of training and your particular job.

Hourly wages could run anywhere from or and up for private lessons to 0 or higher for equine therapy.

At Ogilvy Equestrian Inc., we specialize in the design, production and marketing of quality equestrian accessories.

Our company was created to integrate traditional ideas with avant-garde textiles and the beauty of design to create products that exceed what today’s riders demand.

Salary workers on farms and at camps generally make anywhere from ,000 to ,000 a year to start.

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