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It doesn't matter who you play, concentrate on yourselves. Just watching the teams come out of the hat, I was honoured and proud to be here.

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The duo cannot oppose each other in the group stage, which, truth be told, is much more of a relief for England than Germany.

There's always one dreaded 'group of death' at each tournament.

Del Bosque is asked if Spain can win their third straight European Championship.

He says the teams are strong but if conditions are right, Spain can win. The mascot has 24 people, each wearing the colours of every competing nation, dancing around him.

Like Roy says, there is a lot of quality, England are one of the best teams, it is going to be great game and we look forward.

When you get to a tournament, it is that 90 mins and you have got to get it right.

Or Gullit and Lizarazu A lot of the delegates at the Euro 2016 draw believe that banned UEFA president Michel Platini should be here despite being suspended from all football activity for 90days - a verdict upheld by the Council of Arbitration for Sport.

But Platini supporters say he did more than anyone to bring the 2016 European Championship to France. Low and Hodgson swiftly engage in a quick chat ahead of the draw.

We know the Wales players because all of them basically play in England.

The team is very well organised, they have a very strong team spirit and a strong spine. CHRIS COLEMAN: It is going to be a great game two good teams, the campaign they had is a fantastic return.

We are really pleased Wales have done so well, it has been exciting following their progress.


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