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Boys and senior students were victimized more than others. [9], in a study conducted in Israel, found more than one fifth (22.2%) reported having been punished physically.

Eight and half percent of them were kicked or punched by a staff member.

A second aim was to investigate the associations between EPP by teachers and aggressive behavior in school settings, i.e.

both perpetration of aggression towards other pupils, and victimization to the aggression of others.

Visit for more related articles at Pediatrics & Therapeutics Objectives: Physical punishment by teachers is accepted in Iranian schools, but it may at times take extreme forms, such as teachers burning the hands of pupils, or even breaking their bones.

The study aims at investigating how frequently such punishments occur, and their relationship to perpetration of and victimization to peer aggression at school.

Culturally, education is one of the first priorities in the Persian family. [2] found that 80% of parents believe in the necessity of punishment for educational reasons.

Twenty percent of them applied severe PP themselves at home.

Boys were victimized more than girls, and students in schools with a high percentage of low-income and low-education families ran a higher risk for exposure to PP.

It may thus be concluded that PP at school is a common phenomenon in many non-Western countries. During recent years, several examples of alleged extreme punishment by school teachers in Iran have been filmed and uploaded on youtube [10,11].

threatening (and, respectively, being threatened by) another pupil with a knife or a chain.


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