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For instance you many end up in the technology procurement department, purchasing products for the companies manufacturing purposes. Emma blogs: I would like the Firetrap Chelom boots for Christmas, because they are beautiful and have a funky heel that isn’t too high.

I could wear them with all my outfits and they would keep my feet dry and pretty!

Rather than spouting positives or negatives, instead we believe we should shake our booty’s and vibrate positive energy through each other – together, in our beautiful land in which we live.

PB wanted to go outside, run some errands, pay her bills, but instead found herself on the couch amassing banana bread crumbs on her tummy and chuckling at Ginger Rogers. That’s fine, except Rosy experiences an acute adrenaline rush and doubles her bid to win the prize.

Tous les matins, elle se dit “aujourd’hui, je vais tre ... When she goes to the stage to claim her man, Rosy not only has to face Benedict’s stunned disbelief that she’s spent a cool $10,000 of his money, but she has to kiss him too – and properly!

What is even more special is that this event will be the official leg of Extrawelt’s album tour.

As always, on warm up duties you will get the chance to hear Warm Up residents Jorge Martins and Aidan Doherty.

Please enjoy the wonderful and fabulous voyage his „Tensor“ mix creates.

You will see more of Max Cooper in January with his „Harmonisch Serie“ 12“ on Traum.

This year has been great so far for the guys with a really strong spring season at with Warm Up it’s time to go back to The Steelyard for the first chapter of their autumn journey which brings us Extrawelt live & Sébastien Léger.

The latter has been making and playing his music around the globe for over 10 years now, while the former has just released his new album Fear Of An Extra Planet on Cocoon Recordings.

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Few are the promoters in this industry with such a distinct music taste and way of organising events like Warm Up.


  1. Nashville had new liquor distilleries, sawmills, paper mills, gristmills, stove factories, and a petroleum refinery.

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