Cellphone teensex - Facebook most recent not updating

Now, when a Facebook user logs in, the News Feed will provide that person with a summary of the top stories since they last visited the News Feed.To make the Top Stories easy to identify, Facebook marks them with a blue corner.

With the number of updates that Facebook has recently released, many people have been speculating that these new features were influenced by Google .

Facebook introduced its overhauled News Feed in early March.

Microsoft has just updated its official Facebook app for Windows Phone, adding all of the recent features that users of the beta version have been trying out.

The change log for the app bumps the version number up to and adds the following new features: Again, this update is for the non-beta version of the Facebook app, to bring its features up to speed with the ones that have been included in the previously released beta app.

If you're one of the few who can access the new design, you may wonder how the changes affect what surfaces on the homepage.

While Facebook's algorithms determine by default what appears in your stream, a few additional, new options give you much greater control over what appears in your News Feed.For users that log in frequently, Facebook will display more recent stories and photos will occupy more of that user’s feed.In addition to updating the News Feed, Facebook has released a real-time update feature named the Ticker.To join the conversation in real-time, a Facebook user will simply click a story in the Ticker as it slides by.After it is clicked, the story from the Ticker will appear in the Recent Stories section in the center of the screen, allowing easy interaction from the user.When you’re on Facebook, as a default, it will tailor your news feed to the most popular posts and stuff that it thinks is most relevant to you.

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