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Those rare gems who value women with age and experience are just that – rare! I am happier than I have ever been and what I truly have learned is that I don’t need a man to make me complete.

They currently live in Bay View with their six children.

**************************************************************** ABOUT THE SERIES: As we were hanging out at the bar, we got to talking about the lack of real education, understanding, and the misinformation surrounding sexual health.

Rather they will be someone who will have realistic expectations of you and be accepting of who you are at this time of your life.

They will want to grow old with you and have an age appropriate relationship with you.

With over 25 years in the Hospitality Industry, Eli has been able to lead, develop and motivate teams to achieve desired outcomes through active listening, humor and communication.

Katie Hamm, MSW, is an independent consultant with extensive experience working with diverse populations and teaching or facilitating workshops and education sessions on cultural diversity and human sexuality.

Through a combination of coaching, interactive games and humor, Katie and Eli will lead participants out of their comfort zones toward more fulfilling, fun and thrilling sex lives.

ABOUT THE PRESENTERS: Eli Rivera is a Transformational Life Coach, educated by the International Coach Academy in Sydney Australia and seeking accreditation with the International Coach Federation.

What I find most interesting at this point is the whole dating scene.

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