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But that’s all changing now thanks to better HTML5 video streaming solutions.

While many sites still depend on Flash for video streaming at the desktop level, most services now intelligently detect end user devices and adapt their video streaming accordingly.

If new girls are your thing, the Fresh Faces section at the bottom of the site features new recruits.

When it comes to mobile support, Flirt4Free supports both phones and tablets, but we found that it really shines on the i Pad.

And remember, many of these performers will cater to your most kinky demands, so don’t be shy, ask and you’ll probably received.

The site works very well on the i Pad, i Phone and Android devices, so you can watch from home or on the road. Cam was one of the first sites to embrace mobile webcam sex on the i Pad, i Phone and Android platforms.

UPDATE: We’ve updated our test results for both the i Phone and i Pad.

You can view our latest test results here: Best webcam sex sites for both the i Phone and Ipad – 2016 tests results.

You’ll want to find a webcam model with an HD feed to make the most of this feature.

Overall, we found the quality of the video feeds to be very good, and the prices very reasonable thanks to group show discounts.

They are pioneers in the development of mobile webcam sex solutions, and their site certainly shows that off. What you need to know about Cam Contacts is that it’s not your typical webcam sex services.


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