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How do you go stopping payment and for those who have had more than one transaction made how frequent has it occured.

This fraudulent transactions should be reported to cyber crime authorities/police.

This also should be further investigated and I want my money back. COM ONLINE GB charged me 0.48 of which I do not know about any transaction and do not know their existence. COM ONLINE CY charged me .05 of which I do not know about any transaction entered with them and do not know their existence. I requested one only free trial of garcinia only to find a second bottle was sent unsolicited.

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$8.95 doesn't seem like much, but if they get away with 10 months of charges, it's a lot of money!!! Got a debit from my credit card that a $8.95 was charged from Krauser Series LLC which I never did any transaction in that company. bought an item on for $43.99, but my VISA card was charged with CNY 355,76 (approx. I had $ 2 dollars on my cash card and i am a pensioner you the CSCLNSHELP 33170754006 GB GBR Withdrew $ 133.00 from my card on 14 October 2017 plus Additional transaction fees i wonder who gave you my card number how can i gave you all what i have you checked on my card on october the 4th 2017 when i added extra $100.00 to my card then you knew that i have the amount of money you after it you withdrew my money on 14 October how you justify your action This side has charged me for CHNCNY 188.14 at 20th of September, 2017, 06.33am.

I paid for a hard drive from they advertise on amazon, if you type -" WD 1TB MY PASSPORT ULTRA PORTABLE EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE " on amazon the site will be at the bottom of the amazon page, the second one down, It said on the site £34 but taken £36, I have put this on facebook and sent to friends and public to see to name and sham them and this should help with them being shut down, I'm also going to put it on twitter because that will help as well and I surggest you all do the same with the details you have from your bank account and web-site. I tried to call and sent email so many times but the system denied and message did not sent through. I definitely didn't order anything, answer me immediately what was the purpose of this charge.

COM ONLINE CY appeared on my card statement charging an amount of AUD98.05. I do not know this company and I do not have any transaction entered with them.

Thanks I received my order but the package was very strangely wrapped so I refused it at the Post Office .company GPAY*ETOP SHENZEN 659.36 CNY @ .. I need to make sure I will get a full refund because I refused the parcel at my Post Office .. The return address on the website is orally Chinese so I can't see where to send an email to infirm them that I refused the parcel On 2 November 2017, GLOWRIGHTINFO.

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With so many live cam performers, you might have been worried in the past that about racking up huge per-minute charges. THIS HAPPENED 2 YEARS AGO WITH SOME OTHER SCAM I STOPPED PAYMENT Hello,can you provide me with Email address for GPAY*NAWTHONG SHENZHEN SHE CNY.This Chinese company is using a false merchant address in England, "uk" so we believe, this is a Fraudulent transaction. COM ONLINESame thing happened to me on 21-9-2017 for .94 and on the 19-9-2017 .95, then I was charged 0.48 on the 5.10.2017 Not Authorized and again on the 9.10.2017 charged 0.73, Not Authorized that's 1.21 and I what a full refund .I'm also going to contact the press in china and pass there details on to them and see if they get put on there news channel. Ref number: ARK002746806753.691 this charge pending $ 87.91 to CELMACE*FIRMTEST DATED 10-23-17 WAS NEVER AUTHORIZED BY ME IT SEEMS THIS IS SOME KIND OF SCAM, MY BANK IS BEING INFORMED TOMORROW.I THINK THIS IS ONE OF TRY THIS NO CHARGES TO YOU THEN THEY AUTOMATCLLY TAKE IT FRPM BANK.If you're thinking that Hacked Free Cams is too good to be true, then think again.


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