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Back in Tehran, an Iranian man sees me taking a photo of the mural on the side of a building, saying “Down with the US” and depicting the stars and stripes as skulls and falling bombs.

Nothing much has changed since the protests in 2009 despite President Rouhani’s pledges.

Young and old are surprisingly open to quietly revealing their frustrations with theocratic rule, even to a Westerner The old man clasps his hands around his neck, and he groans as his fingers tighten into his flesh – mimicking the constriction of a hangman’s noose – before a wry smile breaks across his face and he gives a chilling laugh.

There have even been several studies on whether or not there is a difference in pleasure between a guy who is circumcised vs. One of these studies in done by Queen’s University took 196 men and women and asked them questions about their sex life.

Trying to find a correlation between pleasure and whether or not they had been circumcised.

His calmer and relatively liberal pronouncements appealing for moderation to win over extremism have provided some limited relief to the reformists in his country. “We hoped things would have improved faster in the past year. For many people restrictions caused by international economic sanctions are not the problem about which they’re most concerned.

It’s the limits imposed on them by their own government.

But what would happen if he made such pronouncements in public? Five years on from the repression of the Green Movement protests against the 2009 presidential election results, which most experts accept were fixed in favour of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to suppress liberal desires for reform, there have been no more mass demonstrations against Khamenei’s regime.

Yet many are surprisingly open to quietly revealing their frustrations with theocratic rule, even to a Westerner.

The parks were established in 2008 and are akin to similar gender-divided spaces in the country, like sporting facilities and public transportation.

There are also establishments that offer women-only times, like water parks.

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