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The other agencies were the mayor's office of Workforce Development, or MOWD, the Housing Authority of Cook County, or HACC. 2.-- Rudolph Sanchez, 64, of the 5200 block of Fence Lake NE Drive, Rio Rancho, N. He is awaiting an extradition hearing.-- Ronnie Marshall, 42, of the 5700 block of West Birch, Milwaukee, Wis.

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This area contains news items sent in between January 2001 and February 2010. CHICAGO | Cook County prosecutors on Friday announced a variety of felony indictments against eight people -- including three county employees and three ministers -- in a series of alleged fraud schemes against government agencies that reportedly cost more than $1.6 million."This is particularly shocking because much of this money was intended to help impoverished individuals looking to better themselves," Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine said in a news release."As if that were not bad enough, three of the defendants were county employees in positions of trust and three others were trusted by their communities as ministers," he said.

Indicted were:-- Charles Koen, the managing director of the nonprofit United Front Inc. Greenwood Ave., Chicago-- Alex Brooks, vice president of United Front and a minister at Christian Hope Church-- Ronnie Marshall, an United Front employee and a minister at Christian Hope Church-- Joyce Norfleet, a United Front employee-- Dorothy Taylor, a United Front employee Three employees of (Cook County Board) President's Office of Employment Training, or POET, also were indicted.

Various other crimes -- including official misconduct, intimidation and money laundering -- took place along the way as the schemes progressed, prosecutors said. 2.-- Roberto Rivera, 56, of the 1300 block of Wenonah, Berwyn.

United Front and United Front Training School also are charged as corporate entities. 2.-- Dorothy Taylor, 49, of the 6600 block of North Ashland Avenue, Chicago.

The defendants:-- Charles Koen, 62, of the 200 block of East 24th Street, Cairo.

Paris Jackson took to Instagram recently to share a picture of herself playing with cards.

Root’s and Dyer’s solid, tell-it-like-it-is journalism gives the S-T’s readers a reason to suppress those urges to cancel each time they open the front page to another “breaking” story about flirting from your car or a movie-star birthing her baby in a third-world clinic. weekdays, talking with callers and introducing songs with her signature (probably affected) hick voice and mannerisms.

Nobody on radio does a country drawl like Amy B of The Wolf, though many have tried. She out-hicks most of the songs she introduces, and brings a bit of legitimacy to a station known for its mainstream nu-country sound.

OK, it was late on a Friday night, and we were watching the replay. Fox 4’s Mike Doocy has moved ahead of the sports tv gang.

Dale is always mad at the Cowboys, Newy lobs too many softballs at the jocks he worships, and Babe wants us to think he is so important because he used to be a quarterback.

Delkus is tall and muscular with spiky hair, Troy a little guy with a combover.


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