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The disappointment in his face was apparent a he was thinking that my little show had come to an end, but I had other plans for him and decide to tease him some more. I lifted my hands to clean the fan while he was holding the stool.

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I'm here for a really good time, whether it's just chatting it up, or spending some time together in private.

or if you're super naughty, peeking in as a voyeur too!

He recovered, held the stool with his hands, and got up all the while, eyes riveted inside my saree until he was UP beyond that point and once again, stood at my waist level.

My left breast was completely off the pallu now and the sweaty blouse could hardly contain the pointed fully erect nipple.

I try on the new things I like, come out and show you.

then you follow me back into the dressing room and you me while we watch ourselves in the mirror.That was a very different sensation and I had never felt that with my husband ever before. He released his other hand from the stool, and rested it lightly on my bare hip.I gasped and stopped cleaning and looked down into his eyes. He continued to perform the circular motion and let his hand travel further upwards... Our eyes were still locked as his hand went for my navel while his other hand at the mid thigh region drew circles advancing closer to my pussy.I imagine being in the ladies department in a store, looking at some super sexy catch my eyes from across the room, and I motion to you to meet me near (IN) the dressing room.I walked quickly to the door hoping that it was my husband who returned early. " and held a plastic box with a picture of a woman in bra and panties. He was walking towards the station to catch his train and wanted to try his luck in our place, on the way.


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