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(私は夏休みの間は、大学から実家に帰って、ちょっと楽しむつもり笑。あなたは女子大生や、年下の男を狙う年増の女に興味ある?) GO : I am man. But at any rate, it seemed like Jenny wanted me to register for something. ──Call started ──Call ended – no answer GO : can i call you by skype (Skypeで通話しないか?) Jenny : k, yea i had to do the cc part too =( that how i got my profile verified as real (kiss) did u get in? Everything she was saying to me was really difficult to understand and hard to accurately translate. (kiss) mmm (会員登録したら教えてね! そしたら、私とあなた、ふたりきりの愛ある時間が過ごせるから……) GO : File sent(gohatori128x128.jpg)(gohatori256x256.jpg)(gohatori512x512.jpg)(gohatori512x512b.jpg) ──From here, Jenny stopped replying.

But…I can’t really read English so I had no idea how to even register in the first place. As you might have expected, she didn’t answer my call. (オッケー! 私もクレジットカードのところを入力してたわ。これをクリアしないと、あなたの申請も承諾されなくて、私との会話を続けられなくなっちゃうから……) ──It was no use. Jenny – the one who wouldn’t answer my phone calls and assaulted me with difficult English. My special move is actually a 10-part attack, but I only shot off six of my moves before Jenny exercised her right to remain silent.

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This brings us to the first and hopefully last installment of what our Japanese correspondent likes to call “My English battle with a foreigner who suddenly decided to contact me on Skype”.

The other day I was unexpectedly contacted by an unknown user by the name of bunnykiss623 on Skype.

The user didn’t have any information in their profile or even a profile picture.

After, she told me her name was Jenny, so let’s just call her “Jenny-chan” for the time being. So that’s what she meant by “something cute”: a shocking orange tank top. You’ll see there’s a timer counting down to something on the very left side of the screen. I couldn’t gather up the courage to tell Jenny how I felt, so I decided to save her picture while I endured the intense agony of deciding whether or not to confess my feelings.

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Skype is known around the world as a convenient, free video calling service and enjoys widespread popularity in Japan.

As with any online communication website, you’re bound to be contacted by someone you don’t know.

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