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You can meet Sri Lankans living around all over the world and have a conversation with them.Our sole intension is to provide free text only chat service by assuring user's privacy.Our pigs are keep free-range in woodland as much as possible where they are free to exhibit natural behavour.

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Contact Steve on 07974251321 Email [email protected] Web Site Elkesley Breed of British Saddleback & Berkshire, Elkesley, Notts. We also have small flocks of Pedigree Registered White and Coloured Ryeland Sheep as well as pure bred Anglo Nubian goats. 01616650377 Mobile: 07871949401 Email: [email protected] Web Address: Gloucester Old Spot Sow, 2 years old, has had one litter of 7 piglets. (could manage three males if that is your preference.) Please phone for more information. No.: 01234771911, Mobile: 07973636422, Email: [email protected] Grass Farm, Oxford Sandy and Black pigs and Berkshire Pigs, Lincolnshire.

Our ethos is "Quality" rather than "quantity" and we also keep an order book running for anyone interested in our weaner pigs, or alternatively, our quality Rare Breed Pork or Welsh Lamb. At Green Grass Farm we breed pure breed registered Berkshire Pigs and Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs, we also have available Berkshire x Oxford pigs and Kune Kune pigs. All our pigs live outdoors and are free to root and roam.

Middle White pigs - weaners and growers for sale and breeding stock available.

We have several female bloodlines of Middle White, including the very rare Alma Rose line and currently we keep Sovereign and Rajah boars. We also sell 1/2 pigs butchered, packed and labeled ready for the freezer, we make our own delicious sausages and can provide a pig roast and/or BBQ for any size event.

Tiny Micro Pigs for sale pink and black-white and black-plain black-pink black and ginger. All weaners are available for collection from 10 weeks old we wean at 8 weeks but like to worm all the weaners and make sure they wean from their mothers successfully before letting them go onto their new homes.

We have a range of girls and boys and they are all very small. All pigs are socialised and tame and ready for homes now - first to come will get the pick of the litter. Do you want free range fresh home grown pork, sausages and bacon, but do not have the time or room for a little porker in the back garden?

We now run half-day pig keeping courses and are available for visits to schools, play groups, scouts groups etc with our trailer and pigs. We specialize in breeding kune kune pigs and Angora Goats and rare breed poultry. We are breeders of free range, pedigree Mangalitza pigs. No.: 01495740367, Mobile: 07947144449, Email: [email protected] Hall - Breeders of Quality Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs, Belper, Derbyshire. Piglets are a mixture of kune kune, GOS and pot belly. Katy - Mobile: 07590117666, Email: [email protected] House Farm Kune Kune Pigs in the Yorkshire Dales.

Feel free to contact us Ian & Sharon Henshall, Tel 01824 710228 Email [email protected] site Awliscombe Herd Sire: Chilthorne Patrick 83, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Honiton, Devon. No.: 07702121234, Mobile: 07702121234, Email: [email protected] At Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm we have seven small flocks of rare sheep, four breeds of cattle, pygmy goats, chickens and two breeds of pig including Kune Kunes, the wonderfully friendly Maori pigs from New Zealand. We run "Smallholders Courses for the Beginner" which include the legal requirements as well as hands on with the day to day caring of your animals. We have blondes and reds, all our stock is BPA registered..sell weaners and have boars for hire..a blonde Curly and a red Leader. We also breed free range, pedigree British Saddlebacks, and have a very fine Earl Simon boar for hire. No.: 01380 831213, Mobile: 07773052286, Email: [email protected] Address: Calcroft Rare Breed Oxford Sandy & Black and Large black free range woodland reared Pork & sausage we sell 1/2 or whole pigs jointed to your specification and boxed to collect also Lamb when available. Also breeding gilts for sale not registered but ideal for smallholders as both breeds are hardy, docile and easy to handle. Bred with care and detail to pedigree, free ranged and kept as pigs should be kept! We breed pedigree kunekune pigs of various bloodlines and sell these friendly piglets after 8 weeks of age to other breeders, smallholders and those who want a pair of pigs for a paddock or orchard.

We are totally free range and our pigs live outside all seasons.

Nature plays a big role in our breeding programe and our boars enjoy their 'jobs'! 07764768575, Email [email protected] Grange - Breeders of Pedigree Middle White pigs based in Surrey - Boars and Gilts available.

Please call 01905 333666 or email [email protected] any enquiries. No.: 07545 638419, Email: [email protected] Web Address: Elkington Cottage, Oxford, Sandy & Black, Northampton. No.: 01908 372029 Email: [email protected] Old Spot Weaners, Thurleigh, Bedford.


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