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It is far too easy for both men and women to view men as subhuman.Men and women have both made habit of the perpetual out-group derogation of men and boys.

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If your family has been blissfully unaffected by having a father, son, brother, or uncle derogated to prison, you likely view this apocalypse as a type of academic problem for “other” families.

Our stress and parasite stress is increasing and this has an established link to authoritarian catastrophes.

One would expect and reasonably deduce, that men, being the most dominant group, would be involved in a global fraternity, collectively celebrating their dominance, but as it turns out, this may not be the case.

Keeping the out-group down is a way to improve in-group standing.Guys also get free access but messaging and photo uploads have limits which can be removed by paying a small fee.Sign up for your free account and take a look around.Resources may be rare and there is no reason to make life easier for the out-group.In a Weak Case for the Humanity of Men, I discuss the stereotypes of men and boys.The last two hypotheses are pretty self-explanatory.


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