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At this stage you ought to be able to find out how to do that by yourself - seriously. Anyway, I know what happens next so I'm not taking that bet.

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By default, a 64x64 game unit chunk of space is the size of one patch.

If the texture scaling (not texture size) is larger or smaller, it will directly affect the lightmap size as well.

It may be recovering now, but damned it's So last night I was playing Supreme Commander 2 (I managed to get it for £13, how awesome is that!

) and at a certain stage my laptop must have overheated or something because it turned itself off. I was somewhat disappointed and restarted, becoming somewhat surprised when it transpired that my keyboard no longer worked.

My fingers were rubbing the skin and burning charneux your ass and then slip between your thighs muscular and arched me triggering a series of feverish chills and willing when my fingers gently stroked the inimitable virtues and ability of your body, heat was more exciting.

My body is subjected to, well, I look at you and sigh inside my welfare, I look down and see you excite yourself an advantage in my legs, which increases my desire and the pleasure you get me.

My hands on your butt lifts I press firmly to get us to all of them a pleasure more intense, more beautiful and more useful to everyone.

Our bodies trembling and rubbing the sticky to each other as a vital need, let our vocal cords to speak for themselves, surely we must be heard for miles from here, but our ignorance and personal happiness are more strong.

However, for values larger than around 96 the lightmaps start looking bad, and will more prominently show the 'staircase' effect on shadows. In fact, there are a few cool things that happen, it's just that by this point in the series, Kubo has demonstrated that there are certain things he'll do and certain things he won't do and the upcoming arc does a lot to reinforce that.

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