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But the family falls apart—Dany gives birth to a stillborn child and her husband dies after failed attempts to save him.

Being with Drogo and earning the title of Khaleesi was a huge step in Daenerys' evolution toward becoming a strong leader—one who is now on her way to take the Iron Throne.

hardly has cute moments, but when it does, they're often between Gilly and Sam.

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And here Free compares Chapman to the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, but in an affectionate way. kind of interesting that only actors whose characters have something to do with each other seem to be cropping up in these kinds of stories.

Rosie Mac and Ignacio Blanco, the actors who serve as body doubles for Emilia Clarke and Michiel Huisman, who play Daenerys Targaryen and Daario Naharis, who are on a show called which was once criticized by Kevin Bacon for not having enough male nudity (only four degrees away! Since then, we’ve become very close.” Here they are mid-canoodle.

It was their relationship that kicked off the drama in the series in the first place, when they pushed little Bran Stark out the window for finding them having sex back in Episode 1.

Though they weren't specifically an item, Stannis and the Red Woman did sleep together and spend plenty of time together; but it was all for ulterior motives.

Renly and Loras's love, though undercover, was adorable. Ned was a man of honor, and Catelyn was strong and protective of their five children together.

They vented about their problems (Renly complaining about his Baratheon brothers) and shaved each others' chests—their affection manifested in more ways than fooling around in bed.' O. However, Lady Stark did have trust issues with her husband because of Jon Snow, whom everyone still believes is Ned's bastard son. But she didn't know the truth—that Ned lied about having a child out of wedlock to protect the identity of his secret nephew (Jon), proving he was faithful to Catelyn (and his sister Lyanna) all along.

It was also his funeral pyre that helped hatch her dragon eggs.

Sansa has a history of being forced into awful marriages, and it all started off with this one.

The fact that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are dating in real life makes it even better.

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