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According to Gardiner’s opinion, “if we may venture to extract the essence of Ipuwer’s discourse, we shall find that the things which he thought to conduce to the happily-constituted state are three: a patriotic attitude in resisting foes from within and from without; piety towards the gods; and the guiding hand of a wise and energetic ruler”.Gardiner’s interpretation of the message in the papyrus differs from that of Dr.The inconvenient fact that terminates the link between this papyrus and exodus is the timeline.

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Unfortunately, I cannot read Hieroglyphics so I must rely on the translation of others but I agree with researcher A. a rich man who now wears rags and a girl who had to look at her reflection in water but now owns a mirror, among others).

Also, it is important to realize that the papyrus is not complete.

The ancient Egyptians called their land Kemet (meaning "Black land”.) by the way, the words pyramid and sphynx are also Greek words. NTR, spoken most likely as Per-Neter which meant “house of the god” and sphynx Shesepankh, which meant "living image”.

I’ve read several interpretations of the Ipuwer Papyrus and each is slightly different. The papyrus does list several disasters that seem to parallel the Biblical account, but there are others that are not in Exodus (i.e.

“The contents of this papyrus have an oddly familiar ring to those who know their Old Testament. Blood is everywhere…The river is blood…Gates, columns and walls are consumed by fire…. Literary analyses would put the original, of which the Leiden papyrus is a copy, at some time during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom and the very beginning of the turbulent Hyksos period.

Marina has an undergraduate degree in Anthropology focused on ancient human evolution and archaeology She did a post graduate year of studies in Renaissance History and discovered among many things that her passion belongs to the ancient world Marina is... Whenever anyone translates from one language to another there are always problems (i.e. After all, the name Egypt comes from the Greeks corrupting the word Hout ka-Ptah (meaning "Castle of the ka of Ptah) into Aegypt.

The back of the papyrus contains hymns to the god Amun but it suffered substantially more damage, causing a larger detrimental effect on its preservation and, therefore, loosing much of its written content.

The Ipuwer papyrus is famous among Egyptologists, who have known about its existence for a long time, but many were discouraged to engage in further studies of this document due to its complicated language, damaged conditions, and many missing pieces which were crucial to its complete comprehension.

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