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Autocomplete Included in New Sitelinks Search Box Autocomplete, that search box option that makes our lives so much easier, is also evidenced in the above sitelinks search example.

The great thing about this autocomplete update is that it is internal to your website alone.

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No, adding the schema markup does not guarantee a site getting the search box.

Google will show the search box, if it wants to, even if you do not add the schema.

The information on the site and different types of navigational queries made by search users are also the determining factors if the search box should be shown.

The same was explained by Pierre Far in Google after SEO space assumed the update incorrectly. He is the founder and CEO of India’s most award winning SEO Agency, Page Traffic.

The sitelinks search box in Google enables: If users are looking for a specific search within the website, the sitelinks search box removes the extra step of the visitor typing the name or URL of the website, going to its page, and then performing the desired search.

However, many of the webmasters took the update in a wrong way.

This makes the search experience more efficient as it occurs 1.

The Site Specific Search Box is Now Located above Sitelinks Once users have searched a brand/domain a site specific search box will appear within search results just above the sitelinks.

This elevated search box improves the site:searches experience.


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