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Reported revenue of €5.97 billion for the 2017 Q2, an increase of 5% organically compared with €5.69 billion in Q2 2016 FESCO Adecco with Ding Talk together to achieve the era of FANTASTIC management, 83 FESCO Adecco deployment experts have taken the Ding deployment courses, and fully equipped for.

Ding Talk is a subsidiary of Alibaba, it builds a communication, collaborative and multi intelligent office platform for 43 million China SMEs He Liqiang was appointed to the GM of FESCO Adecco Chongqing A group fellow of Guangzhou Commerce Committee and Investment Promotion Center visited FESCO Adecco, sent a warm invitation to wealth event in Guangzhou.

The Adecco Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Stephan Howeg, FESCO Adecco CEO Ni Ying, Board Member Cynthia Chew, Margaret Jack were invited FESCO Adecco signed with RGF, providing supplementary medical insurance service FESCO Adecco signed with Century 3, providing supplementary medical insurance service FESCO Adecco signed with Puma, providing welfare service FESCO Adecco signed with GEA, providing Chinese and foreign employees dispatching service FESCO Adecco sub-brand FA Talent, specializing in talent selection and retention, with China Merchants Bank build a new project of "Shaping efficient managers", the first phase of training successfully completed in CMB University.

298 in the list of “China Enterprise 500”, 18 seats higher than the rank of NO.316 in 2016.

This is the 8th year that FESCO enter into China Enterprise 500 Recently, The Adecco Group announced that in more than 117,500 applicants, the 23-year-old British boy ED Broadhead became CEO for One month global winner.

Financial Outsourcing Director Major Mei and staff welfare department Business Support Director Pei Tao attended.

Sharing the practical experience and optimize project in the application of preferential taxation policy with nearly 50 enterprises FESCO Adecco Associate Club “Beat on the table” Corporate Table tennis match held in Huangpu workers' stadium, 16 enterprises teams participated in FESCO Adecco DGM Jane Cai, Strategic Cooperation Director Vanessa Li welcomed Huangpu Development and Reform Commission Industry section, communicated to the related business operation environment FESCO Adecco's new series of labor law lectures "Yuan Zhuo Lecture”, invited lawyer Hu Yuanzhuo and Chen Yuan with many years’ experience in the practice of labor law, sharing a legal basis and method in the termination of labor contract to the HR, as well as enterprises closed, stop, and, turn, move in groups labor relations process, help enterprises to achieve a smooth transition 2017 HRoot Human Resources Service Expo (Chengdu) held successfully.

FESCO Adecco DGM Kang Yi, Financial Outsourcing Branch GM Major Mei attended.

Through the keynote speech of "sharing manpower", Kang Yi shared sharing economy in the HR industry with the HRs “FESCO Adecco” LED subtitles illuminated the Huangpu River 2017 HRoot TECH HR (Shenzhen Station) was successfully held.

FESCO Adecco Employee Welfare Director Julia Hu shared the topic "under the consumption upgrade, how to innovate high-end service system” to the guests The Way to Work activity was held in Shenzhen University and University of Technology Sydney, bringing the abundant intern and employment opportunities and creating a job employment exchange platform for the oversea student who would graduate from Australia FESCO Adecco Shanghai badminton team and FESCO badminton team carried out the Beijing-Shanghai badminton friendly match with MALO Clinic held ‘small dentist’ activity, help children and parents to establish a correct concept of oral health FESCO Adecco Associate Club successfully held ‘little farm’ activity FESCO Adecco Strategic Cooperation Director Vanessa Li attended the 5th CSITF International Human Resources Forum, and had a Keynote speech of ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ The Adecco Group held its first ‘Experience Work Day’.

Nearly 8,000 young people around the world gained invaluable insights form The Adecco Group experts in 46 countries.

In China, we cooperated with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai Foreign Economic and Trade University, Shanghai Normal University, Xianda College of Economics & Humanities Shanghai International Studies University, the Sino-British College, USST and Shanghai Dianji University, help more than 800 youngsters to know the workplace better FESCO Adecco Club invited Zhao Min with more than 25 years of combat and management experience in the world's leading multinational companies, to help clarify the difficulties of HR work FESCO Adecco HR Club invited Zhao Peizhen, with a wealth of practical experience in business to explain HRBP's competency issues for nearly 100 HR FESCO Adecco HR Club invited Zhongzhong with more than 10 years’ experience in training and consulting, to help inspire the 'coaching leadership' FESCO Adecco half year meeting 2017 was held in Shanghai Wanda Reign.

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