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Either way, in the Bible’s version of Heaven, even the illusion vanishes. Ninety-eight percent of Heaven’s occupants are embryos and toddlers. Most fertilized eggs die before implanting, followed by embryos and fetuses that self-abort, followed by babies and then little kids.A serious but startling statistical analysis by researcher Greg S.Please note that I have made no attempt to analyze or explain what these passages may have meant in their original contexts, given the objectives of the writers.

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In Heaven there is no sin, no option to sin, and so, by Christianity’s own definition, no free will.

(Some skeptics point out that “love me or I’ll torture you forever” doesn’t exactly create the conditions for genuine love either.

By contrast, timeless perfection is static, as Christians are reminded in the traditional hymn, “Immortal, Invisible God Only Wise”: In the book of Matthew, Jesus commands, “Be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect,” and in Heaven, supposedly, this ideal is finally attained. Ice water tastes most heavenly when you are hot and thirsty.

The problem is, perfect means finished and complete. Falling asleep is most delicious when you simply can’t stand to be vertical any longer.

Compassion and generosity are pointless, because nobody is hurting or in need of anything. The eating that gives us so much sensory pleasure and sustenance simultaneously destroys other lives and creates waste.

Christians disagree about whether there will be meals in Heaven.But if we run the numbers, it appears that God didn’t need the whole free will—sin—redemption thing to fill his paradise with perfect beings because no suffering, evil, or moral freedom is actually required as a prelude to glory.The ratio of adults to embryos has social implications as well.When they shall see how miserable others of their fellow creatures are, who were naturally in the same circumstances with themselves; when they shall see the smoke of their torment, and the raging of the flames of their burning, and hear their dolorous shrieks and cries, and consider that they in the meantime are in the most blissful state, and shall surely be in it to all eternity; how will they rejoice!If we are to believe the earnest Christian hate mail that Bonnie Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has compiled into a book, or “love letters” read aloud by biologist Richard Dawkins (watching him struggle with the word is priceless! Think of the best possible experience you can imagine—your favorite symphony or rock concert, the most beautiful place you’ve traveled, the most intimate or intense sex ever, holding your child..one of them, stretched to infinity becomes unthinkable.Curiosity is one of our greatest pleasures, and growth is one of our deepest values and satisfactions.


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